The Huntress API provides programmatic access to your data in the Huntress Managed Security Platform. Designed to improve mapping and integration between MSP services, assist billing reconciliation and support operational dashboards.
What data is available?
At this time, Huntress has made read-only data available across
  1. Account
  2. Organizations
  3. Agents
  4. Incident Reports
  5. Summary Reports
  6. Billing Reports
How do I access the Huntress API?
A new option, API Credentials, is now present under Account Settings in the Huntress Portal. A short wizard will help generate account credentials to authenticate requests for account data.
Where is the Huntress API documentation kept?
Huntress has produced two forms of documentation to help support external integration and development efforts.
General API Overview:
The Huntress API Private Beta was well received, with an average feedback score of
[/5]. Four key areas were highlighted for functionality expansion:
  • Ransomware Canaries
  • Incident Webhook
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Host Isolation
Huntress values partner feedback and, during Public Beta, will maintain a keen eye on feedback,huntress,com. If you'd like to share more, we're also making our original feedback survey available.