August 18th
, multifactor authentication will be required to log into the Huntress platform. For information and instructions on enforcing MFA please visit our
Huntress Support
Why enforce Multifactor Authentication
Multifactor authentication provides an additional layer of security and scrutiny to your account. Not only will an attacker need to know your password, but they will also need to complete the second-factor check. Traditionally the second factor requires "something you have" to satisfy the check. This could be many things but is in most cases a mobile phone with a supported authentication app. Without this physical device, even an attacker who has your password won't be able to access your account.
What's changing
August 18
, Huntress will be requiring that all Huntress admin users will need a multifactor authentication mechanism set up and enabled in order to access the Huntress admin console.
Today, Huntress account administrators have the option of enforcing multifactor authentication across all users within their account, as is described in this support article. On August 18, this will no longer be optional for Huntress account administrators;
Huntress user accounts will be required to have multifactor authentication enabled.
For users who have not yet set up their multifactor authentication on or after August 18, they will be prompted to set up multifactor authentication upon logging in.