We need to be able to see a truly unique identifier for our endpoints. Hostnames can be changed. Serial numbers, MAC addresses, O.S. license keys can not.
In some cases users or company admins are able to set device hostnames and two devices could easily end up being exactly the same. This will particularly be a problem once support for macOS is added as devices very commonly end up with the same hostname as it is based on the initial user that is configured on the device (e.g. admins-MacBook-Pro).
This obviously leads to potential issues with auditing, verification, and various other aspects of tracking our endpoints.
I know motherboard serial numbers can not be captured, but then perhaps the MAC address can be, or the O.S. product key, or the disk drive serial number. The more (at least 2) actually unique identifiers available for an endpoint the better chance of properly identifying them. As it is with just a hostname, the chance of misidentifying is too high.
This data will be absolutely critical once API is implemented for our software to perform necessary checks and verifications during operations.