Would Like to see improved weekly/monthly PDF client facing reports
I’d love to see just a couple quick numbers (for example, detections, events analyzed, number of agents protected, that kind of high level number) in the body of the e-mail. My question : is it possible to include any more technical detail in the Huntress PDF report itself? I don’t want it to become a giant long document that no one will ever read, but at the same time, there’s a lot of verbiage explaining terms, and not much detail on the protections/detections. For example, in the report I’m including below, it mentions 9851 “autorun” events analyzed. I understand what autoruns are, but maybe an example of some detail might be a breakdown of “what kind of” autoruns they were, or if that’s something I (as the end user) should be concerned about or look to minimize. Also this report mentions 134 user profiles protected – as far as I know this client only has 30-35 active employees, so as a client, I’d look at that and wonder what the 134 number would be. Then finally, it mentions 3 “process signals detected” which were reviewed and no further action was needed – it might be nice to include line items for each of the monthly events that took security expert review to determine were not malicious – just to further give the client insight, and prove the value of the service. Is there any way to edit the reports to include some information like this? I’ve poked around in the system, and am not sure there is – but if there was, it would be welcome. As-is, I wouldn’t feel great about having these e-mails go to the point of contact at my client orgs, just because I feel like they still need a little polish around the edges content wise.
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